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Welcome to TESOL Planner, a resource website for English teachers and for English learners. A year ago, I realized that I was spending hours upon hours developing quality activities and resources for my classes. However, after a semester, all of my hard work would be lost in file folders within file folders on my computer and serving no one. I decided to start organizing my best materials on a website where I could share them with other hardworking teachers and also find them again myself. And so, TESOL Planner was born. You can search for particular things or click on one of the categories at the top of the page. If you just want to browse, click on “Latest Content” in the above menu to scroll through all of TESOL Planner’s posts and resources. Happy Planning! 

Hi everyone. I’m Jessica, creator and webmaster of TESOL Planner. I started my teaching career in 2012 in Ecuador and have been passionate about languages and teaching them ever since. I’m enthusiastic and creative which is one of the many reasons why teaching is the perfect job for me. I currently work as a fulltime faculty at a community college in California where I’m working to redesign our ESOL program. 

TESOL Planner is regularly updated with new ideas and resources that you can access for free. You can find everything from tip sheets to complete units you can use in your class. I know what it’s like to spend your weekend prepping for class — making activities, searching for useful resources on the web, creating lesson plans, and finishing just in time to fall asleep on Sunday night. It’s my hope that some of these resources can help cut down on your prep and give you a little time back. 

Hello fellow language learners! English is my native language, but I’ve been in your shoes while learning Spanish, and now while trying to learn my husband’s native language of Twi. On TESOL Planner, you can find useful resources to help you on your English learning journey. Just click on “Learner Resources” on the menu above. 

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