Things In Common

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IcebreakerThis activity is a staple of my first-week routine. I find that time spent on community building is time well spent. I always try and establish a positive environment where students are not only classmates but are also friends. Asking students to find things that they have in common with their classmates helps them see the places where their lives and interests intersect. Below are the directions and handout to the activity.

CLICK HERE to download the handout

  1. Put students into groups of 4 -5.
  2. Review the ideas of “in common” and “unique”.
  3. Ask students to have a conversation and come up with five things that everyone in their group has in common. Tell them the things cannot relate to school or work.
  4. Ask them to also find one thing that each person has unique, meaning only that person in the group has that specific characteristic.
  5. After each group completes the task, ask them to share with the rest of the class.


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