Present Perfect Bingo

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present-perfect-bingoOne verb tense that I always find my students struggle with is the present perfect. It’s present, but it’s past, but it’s not finished? What? I’m always trying to create different ways for students to be able to practice this verb tense. We talk about unfinished time, and I show them this great YouTube video as a starting point. Present perfect bingo is a great way to practice questions in the present perfect and also the idea that it’s unfinished time. The questions ask about life experiences, and obviously, their lives are unfinished. Check out directions, link, and a preview below.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF

  1. Review the present perfect forms, especially short answers to yes/no questions.
  2. Go over the example dialogue.
  3. Explain that only when a person answers yes to a question that their name can be written in a square.
  4. Give students time to walk around and ask questions.
  5. Follow up with the third person form by asking questions such as “who has….?” and asking students to respond with a person’s name such as “Maria has…”


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