Simple Past Tense Group Activity

simple present vs progressive 3I came up with this activity on the fly today as I was working on the past tense with my class, and it worked great. My students got into it and didn’t want to stop. I used this activity after I had introduced simple past tense statements (positive and negative) and questions. We did some guided practice, and then I had them play a game with verb cards I had created for another activity previously in the semester.  This activity is great because it also gives them a chance to learn more vocabulary. 

Click here to download the verb cards. 

  1. Start by putting your students into groups of 3-4.
  2. Give each group a stack of verb cards and a dice.
  3. On the board write:
    1. 1-2 Positive Statement 
    2. 3-4 Negative Statement
    3. 5-6 Question.
  4. Tell students to roll the dice and draw one card.
  5. Tell each group to work together to write a sentence using the verb and the sentence type they rolled.
  6. Also, tell them not to draw another card until everyone in their group has written the sentence in their notebooks.


simple present vs progressive 3

Verb Cards

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