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Program Overview

Solano Community College is a community college in Solano county near Fairfield CA. Solano is a small school with only two full-time faculty who also teach in the English department. After starting a pilot of acceleration in 2012, Solano has developed a three-level accelerated ESL sequence.

Implementation Timeline for Solano College Re-Design of ENGL and ESL Sequences:


Pilot of accelerated developmental English (ENGL 360)

Academic Year 2012-2013

Full implementation of accelerated developmental English (ENGL 360)

Fall 2014 - Fall 2016

Gradual phase-out of previous, 3-level developmental English sequence (“traditional” and “accelerated” models ran concurrently for a couple of years)

Spring 2015

Initial offering of integrated reading/writing/grammar course in advanced ESL (replacing 3 discrete skills course offered previously)

Fall 2015

Full roll-out of integrated skills at all 3 levels of our ESL program

Spring 2016

Pilot of transfer-level English with co-req support (ENGL 1 + ENGL 310D). 4 units lecture + 1 unit “lab,” wall-to-wall sections with the same instructor plus a TA for additional support.

Fall 2016

Full roll-out of transfer-level course with co-req support (ENGL 1 + ENGL 310D)

Fall 2016

One section of ENGL 1 + 310D was flagged in the schedule for “ESL and multilingual students” and taught by the advanced ESL instructor from the prior semester. About 50% of the students enrolled in the section were English learners, including students transitioning from the ESL sequence and several recent immigrants from the Philippines who had bypassed ESL courses.

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