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Gamify Discussion Time

Apr 20,19

For many students, participating in class discussion can be scary and overwhelming. However, I have found that by using sentence frames in a competitive way, students can feel more excited and confident to participate.

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Close Reading Rounds

Mar 22,19

Purpose: Post-reading debrief Time: approximately 50 minutes Level: adaptable to multiple levels. I used it in an advanced class one …

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Five Interactive Activities to Debrief a Text

Feb 24,19

Reading is an excellent way for students to grow their language skills. Having just the right activity to help students access the text on an even deeper level can not only expand your students’ learning but also create engagement and make learning fun. Check out these five activities to help you do this.

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Close Reading Knowledge Building

Feb 13,19

All of our students bring with them unique thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. When we give them opportunities to share, together they can grow their understanding of a topic. Check out this idea for a deep reading activity that can be used in both lower and more advanced levels alike.

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Building Blocks – A lesson in Active Learning

Jan 21,19

Start your class off on the right foot with this community building activity that doubles as a lesson in how to be a successful language learner.

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Schema Jigsaw Grid

Jan 18,19

Set students up to be successful with a challenging reading with this pre-reading activity. They’ll get some great speaking practice in the process.

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CATESOL Reflections Part 2: Tech

Dec 20,18

Check out this list of interesting websites/apps I heard about at the CATESOL conference.

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CATESOL Conference Reflections: Part I

Dec 9,18

The annual CATESOL conference is a professional development event for ESL educators in California and Nevada. I attended this weekend and will summarize some tidbits I learned about critical thinking and also vocabulary strategies.

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Error Correction Telephone

Nov 30,18

Here’s another way you can structure error correction to liven up your class and put the fun in grammar.

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Quote Search Posters

Nov 21,18

Use this post-reading poster activity to help students dig into readings and prepare for a synthesis essay.

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Close Reading Folders

Nov 19,18

Get your students to work together to unpack and better understand key passages from a text you’re working on in class with this close reading group activity.

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Participation Stations

Nov 15,18

This activity structure is a great way to get all students in your class engaged and working, even the shy ones. I piloted it in my class today, and my students enjoyed it. I used it for a post-reading activity, but it could also work well for other topics as well.

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Grammar Baseball

Nov 1,18

Error correction activities are a useful way to help students learn to analyze language and fix common errors. Try grammar baseball to engage your class with this fun game format.

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Review Grid

Oct 16,18

This evening at the beginning of class, I wrote a grid on the whiteboard. I asked students to write two …

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A Lesson on Topic Sentences

Sep 9,18

If you teach a class where writing is a focus, then you’ll most likely be covering topic sentences at some point. This post has a slide presentation that can help you introduce and your students learn all about writing clear topic sentences.

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Common Errors: Examples and Handout

Sep 6,18

Learning to self-correct is an important skill language learners must develop. Check out this list of common errors I’ve been collecting. Share it with your students to help them review the mistakes they make the most.

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Book Group Roles

Aug 30,18

Group work is a wonderful way to get students to collaborate and learn together. The best way to assure that everyone actively participates is to assign everyone in the group a specific task to be responsible for. If you put your students into book groups, check out these roles.

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Vocabulary Knowledge Share

Aug 22,18

Here’s an activity to help you introduce a new topic and get students to grow their vocabulary on it. It will get your students to activate their own schema about the topic and then share what they know with their classmates, helping everyone to expand their knowledge.

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Writing, Grammar, and Punctuation Tie the Knot at RACE-2-WRITE

Aug 21,18

Have you been looking for a great way to help your students practice writing? Learn about the game Race-2-Write that will get your students writing while at the same time helping them become more aware of grammar with its awesome color-coding function.

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Save Time with a Master Google Slide Template

Aug 12,18

Do you use Google Slides to create your lesson plans? If so, you should definitely have a Google Slide document where you keep templates of slides you really like and want to use again. It will cut down on your prep time.

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