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Creative Reading Responses

May 22,18

Engage your class with these great idea for using various genres as reading responses.

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Conversation Class: Family and Children

May 20,18

Are you planning to talk about family and children in your class? Use this conversation lesson and talking chart to engage your class.

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Contextualized Verb Practice

May 18,18

Use this activity sequence to get your ESL students to practice different verb tenses in a fun and contextualized way.

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Three Strategies to Improve Student Writing

May 14,18

Learn about three valuable writing tools you can use to help students improve their writing and overall reflection and metacognition skills.

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Writing Partners: Contextualizing Written Communication

May 13,18

Add this collaborative activity to your class to give your students engaging and authentic writing practice.

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Redesigning Peer Review

May 11,18

Do you have conflict or struggle with peer reviews in your course? Check out this post to learn two new strategies that can be adapted to any writing assignment to help prevent disputes and people pleasing.  

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Just-In-Time Syntax Booster

May 5,18

Add this just-in-time syntax routine to your class to help improve your students' English sentence structure.

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Conversation Class: Natural Remedies and Traditional Plants

May 1,18

Check out the latest of TESOL Planner's conversation class lesson slides. This time get your students talking about natural remedies and traditional plants.

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Vocab Building Flashcards

Apr 30,18

Help your students grow their English vocabulary with these flashcards designed to help them grow their word knowledge in a collaborative way.

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The Affective Side of Things

Apr 25,18

Learn about effective classroom routines to support students' affective needs and promote retention and success.

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Discussion Question Slides Bank

Apr 22,18

Access this series of over 50 discussion questions in slides format to add more speaking opportunities to your ESL class.

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Three Steps to Better Pronunciation

Apr 21,18

This is a great activity to help English learners improve their pronunciation of English sentences by paying attention to phrases and stressed words.

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Become an Expert Language Learner

Apr 20,18

Are you learning a Language? Check out these strategies to help you be an expert language learner. Are you a teacher? Use this article in your class to help students develop their language learning strategies.

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Ways to Study Over Break

Apr 15,18

If you're learning English, read about different ways to study English to help your language skills improve. If you're a teacher, print the handout to give to your students or share this article with them to encourage them to study over the break.

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Making Inferences

Apr 14,18

Help your students improve their reading skills with this complete lesson on making inference. The post includes lesson slides and a group activity handout

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ESL Open House and Orientation

Apr 10,18

Do you coordinate an ESL program? You may consider hosting an ESL open house and orientation to boost enrollment and support your new students. Check out these ideas from an event we host at my school.

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Word Webs: Vocabulary Routine

Apr 7,18

Although we put a lot of effort into helping our students learn words, I would venture to guess we don’t often stop to reflect just how these words are stored our minds. What does research of the mental lexicon show and what classroom practices can come from this knowledge? Read to find out.

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SPUNKI Reading Response

Apr 3,18

You can use this collaborative sharing activity to get students to see their classmates' reflections on a particular class reading. It's a great way to start a discussion of a class reading.

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Five Introduction Icebreakers

Mar 27,18

Having students introduce themselves and learn a bit about each other is a first day of class staple. Of course, there are many different ways this can be done. This post shares a few of my favorites that I’ve heard about throughout the years.

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Position Posters Debate

Mar 25,18

The art of argument isn’t always easy to master, especially when you’re doing it in another language. This poster position debate is a fun and engaging way to scaffold this skills whether the end goal is an essay or an oral debate.

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