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2 Great Ways to Let Google Lighten Your Load

There’s no doubt that technology has changed education. One of my favorite technology providers for education is Google. They’re an innovative and user-friendly company that has a lot of great services to offer that can make your job a bit easier. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreySeptember 26, 2017

The Sunday Review is Back

If you are learning English, the Sunday Review is a resource that can help you with this process. After a summer break, the Sunday Review is back for the fall semester with a weekly list of sentences with common mistakes for you to analyze and correct. Plan to take 20 minutes each week to sit down with a cup of coffee and teach your brain to recognize common mistakes in English.Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreySeptember 24, 2017

Which One – Ask and Switch

This activity consists of 20 pages, each with four pictures of a particular category. On the top is written a question using which. For example, "Which hat do you like best?" This handout is great for various discussion activities to get students chatting and practicing the superlative. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreySeptember 19, 2017

Book Materials to Improve Comprehension Strategies and Expand English Vocabulary 

Adding a full length book to your ESL curriculum can be great way to add authentic and engaging material to your class. Check out this article get all you need to use the book I Have a Dream by Margaret Davidson in your class. I used it in my low intermediate class with adult learners and it went really well. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreySeptember 6, 2017

Verb Cards for Interactive Practice

A while back I posted a set of verb cards to use for a variety of different activities. This is a new set that I created that uses actual images instead of clipart. There is a total of 81 different commonly used verbs in English. You can use these cards for an endless number of activities in your class. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyAugust 16, 2017

Syllabus Makeover: Five Ideas to Upgrade Your Syllabus

As teachers, it's our goal to create a great syllabus and then to encourage our students to become familiar with all the information it has to offer. Check out these five great syllabus upgrades that I've developed over semesters of trial and error. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyJuly 26, 2017

Five Great First Day of Class Activities

As August approaches, and with it the start of school, it's a great time to look at ways we can lower the affective filter in our language classes and create a strong positive classroom rapport where learning can thrive. Check out these five first day community building activities to get your class off on the right foot. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyJuly 26, 2017

Be + Adjective Walkabout Activity

As native or fluent speakers of English, we use the verb BE all the time, often without even taking note. Beginners, on the other hand, have difficulty with its uses and very irregular forms. I designed this activity as a vocabulary development activity that also gives students practice using the BE verb with adjectives.Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyJuly 20, 2017

WH Questions Past Tense Talking Chart

This is a great two-part activity that gives English learners a chance to practice question and statement forms in the simple past tense. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyJune 20, 2017

Adventure Man: A Past Tense Journey

Get your students excited to practice the past tense with this adventure writing activity. The slideshow will guide students to try and recreate a man's adventure story based on the photos that were found of his travels although the man himself has vanished. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyJune 13, 2017

Going to ESL Bingo Activity

Have some fun in class with these vocabulary cards and bingo game to practice using going to to express future plans. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMay 20, 2017

Group Verb Tense Practice

Use these verb cards to form a simple yet engaging activity to have groups practice whatever verb tense you want them to work on. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMay 15, 2017

Health Vocabulary Activities and Role Play

These vocabulary cards, talking charts, and slides will transform your lesson on illness and remedies into a dynamic and exciting interactive class. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMay 11, 2017

How Much / How Many Bingo Activity Sequence

. For the bingo activity, students will walk around asking how much / many of each item other students have. The key is, they can't write down a person's name unless the other person has the same amount of that item. It makes the activity last longer and promotes more practice of the target structure. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyApril 20, 2017

Some and Any Grocery Shopping Activity

Use these food vocabulary cards and shopping lists to have your students participate in a fun and interactive grocery shopping activity to practice using some and any. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyApril 18, 2017

Fashion Vocabulary

Use this lesson, which includes, slides and handouts, to get students to use fashion vocabulary and engage in a role play activity to create the perfect outfit for an occasion. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyApril 8, 2017

Likes and Dislikes

Use these likes and dislikes cards to get your adult ESL students talking. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyApril 7, 2017

Food Vocabulary

Download and use these cards with food vocabulary to do a variety of activities with your class. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyApril 5, 2017

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