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Simple Present vs. Present Progressive

Get your students collaborating and working together to practice the simple present and present progressive with these handouts. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMarch 25, 2017

ESL Reading Log

Help your ESL students dig deeper into a book with this reading log. Students will write reflections, consider reading strategies, dig deeper into vocabulary, and write a summary. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMarch 25, 2017

Things in My House – To Have Practice

This handout will help students practice the verb "have" to talk about things they have in their house. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMarch 18, 2017

Stick Figure Speaking Exercise

Some activities are very specific while others are quite versatile. The stick figure activity is one of my favorite speaking activities because it can be used for so many things at all levels. I've used it in my low-beginning - intermediate ESL courses, as well as my composition courses with native speakers.Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMarch 13, 2017

The Sunday Review: #2

Last week, TESOL Planner debuted the first of a weekly grammar review to help learners practice noticing errors. Although it’s …Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMarch 12, 2017

House Vocabulary Team Race

I first used this activity in a beginning integrated skills course, and my students loved it. Each subsequent time I've used it, I've had positive reactions from my students. It blends vocabulary, exercise, and competition to create a great activity to throw in and revitalize the class. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMarch 12, 2017

The Sunday Review

This week, TESOL Planner is releasing the first in a series of grammar practice slide shares to offer English learners the opportunity to study and review on their own. If you’ve ever found yourself asking "How can I improve my English?” then The Sunday Review is a great resource to add to your study routine.Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMarch 5, 2017

Error Correction

Correction Symbols are useful because they help the students see the types of mistakes that they are making, so they can work to eliminate them. After grading something, I'll often write a note to the student saying something like "review SVA" when I see that the student is making a lot of one particular type of error.Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMarch 4, 2017

Demonstrative Pronouns Exercise

This activity is great because it gets students out of their chairs and practicing the close / far aspect of demonstrative pronouns in a physical way. During the activity, I could tell my students were connected, engaged, and talking through the grammar with their partner. After the activity, they said that is was fun. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyMarch 2, 2017

Demonstrative Pronoun Slides

These slides introduce and practice the demonstrative pronouns this, these, that, and those. The slides go over statements and questions and include practice activities for the students to do.Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyFebruary 26, 2017

Present Perfect Bingo

Present perfect bingo is a great way to practice question in the present perfect and also the idea that it's unfinished time; the questions ask about life experiences, and obviously, their lives are unfinished.Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyFebruary 26, 2017

Find Someone Who Bingo

This activity gets students up and talking to each other and learning about their classmates in the process. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyFebruary 25, 2017

Color Cards Discussion

Whether it's a discussion about a book students are reading in class or a first week community building activity, these cards are great. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyFebruary 25, 2017

Friendship Quilt

At the start of every semester, we all face the task of finding ways to get our students comfortable and connected. One activity that I've used is the friendship quilt discussion where students ask four classmates four questions to get to know them better.Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyFebruary 25, 2017

Simple Present Morning Routines

This activity gives students a chance to prepare for the discussion by writing down their answers in advance, and then it allows students to walk around and talk to their classmates. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyFebruary 24, 2017

Picture Collage

I love using pictures in my classes. They can be interesting, engaging, and also give students a starting place for talking. One great way to use pictures in your classroom is to use a picture collage. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyFebruary 23, 2017

Things In Common

This activity is a staple of my first-week routine. Students spend time discussing in groups trying to find things they all have in common. It's a great way to start the semester on a note of connection.Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyFebruary 23, 2017

Present Progressive Go Fish

As a language teacher, I'm always trying to find ways for my students to practice English in an interactive and interesting way. This activity is a card game which gets students to practice asking questions in the present progressive. Read More

Profile PhotoJessica AggreyFebruary 21, 2017

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