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Book Group Roles

By Jessica Aggrey

This semester I’m having my reading/writing class (2 level below transfer) read the book I Am Malala. I formed book groups. These will be the groups that students meet in to discuss the book. I have a number of shy students in my class, so I wanted to set the groups up in a way where everyone could participate and contribute to the group. I created four roles and had the groups meet and then decide on roles for each member. See the handout below. 



Book Group Roles 1 page 27 downloads




ESL Book Group Roles

I used the handout to get the groups going. After the students decided who would take on which role, they wrote down their names and then gave me the paper. I’ll keep it in my binder for future reference. I plan to create some role-specific handouts that each student will complete for each book group meeting and then turn in as a group to get participation credit for that meeting.


What other roles have you assigned for book groups or any type of group work? I’d love to hear about it.


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