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Building Blocks – A lesson in Active Learning

Start your class off on the right foot with this community building activity that doubles as a lesson in how to be a successful language learner.

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Save Time with a Master Google Slide Template

Do you use Google Slides to create your lesson plans? If so, you should definitely have a Google Slide document where you keep templates of slides you really like and want to use again. It will cut down on your prep time.

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The Parking Lot: A Place for Untimely Questions

As teachers, we need to stay on task for the sake of the whole class while still making sure all of our students feel that they’re heard and their questions, unrelated as they may be, are important. Check out this simple, yet effective, way to put unrelated questions on hold without forgetting them.

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Student Feedback Form: Class Norm

Getting feedback from our students during the semester is very helpful. It also gives students a chance to express their feelings or possible concerns about a class. Check out this idea for an open form where students can submit feedback anytime they feel the need.

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The Accelerated Instructional Cycle

The accelerated instructional cycle is a way to approach an integrated reading and writing course to help students gain a deep understanding of texts and work to write complex and rich writing assignments.

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Learning is Confusion Figured Out

How can we design ESL curriculum that is relevant and engaging to students? Check out this post for some ideas.

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