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Writing, Grammar, and Punctuation Tie the Knot at RACE-2-WRITE

Have you been looking for a great way to help your students practice writing? Learn about the game Race-2-Write that will get your students writing while at the same time helping them become more aware of grammar with its awesome color-coding function.

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Collaborative Knowledge Base with Google Sheets

Yesterday at my college’s convocation, we did a group discussion activity that had us using Google Sheets as a place …

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Poster Presentations: A Scaffold to Public Speaking

Speaking is an essential part of learning a language, and public speaking is a needed skill in school and life. Check out this poster presentation format to help scaffold academic presentations skills for your students.

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Annotating Together: An Activity for Building Reading Strategies

Do you have students who are hesitant to write on a text? Use this classroom activity to help emphasize the importance of annotating while reading and help students build a repertoire of annotation strategies.

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5 Collaborative Class Routines

Are you looking for some engaging ways to get your ESL students to work collaboratively? Check out these five ways to get students working and talking together.

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Redesigning Peer Review

Do you have conflict or struggle with peer reviews in your course? Check out this post to learn two new …

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Vocab Building Flashcards

Help your students grow their English vocabulary with these flashcards designed to help them grow their word knowledge in a collaborative way.

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Word Webs: Vocabulary Routine

Although we put a lot of effort into helping our students learn words, I would venture to guess we don’t often stop to reflect just how these words are stored our minds. What does research of the mental lexicon show and what classroom practices can come from this knowledge? Read to find out.

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SPUNKI Reading Response

You can use this collaborative sharing activity to get students to see their classmates' reflections on a particular class reading. It's a great way to start a discussion of a class reading.

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How To Write a Paragraph: Lesson Slides

Use these lesson slides and accompanying collaborative group activities to make your students paragraph experts without even having to lecture on it.

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Money and Shopping: For Sale Cards

Try these shopping cards to easily bring realia into your class without lugging in boxes of items. Each card has a picture of an item and price and will work great for any shopping/money related lesson.

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Conversation Class: Travel and Survival Slides

These ESL conversation class lesson plans (including beautifully designed slides and handouts) on travel and survival are sure to get your adult ESL learners engaged and learning.

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Verb Cards for Interactive Practice

A while back I posted a set of verb cards to use for a variety of different activities. This is a new set that I created that uses actual images instead of clipart. There is a total of 81 different commonly used verbs in English. You can use these cards for an endless number of activities in your class.

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Group Verb Tense Practice

Use these verb cards to form a simple yet engaging activity to have groups practice whatever verb tense you want them to work on.

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