Simple Present Tense Tip Sheet

Simple Present Tense Tip Sheet

It’s not always easy to find a condensed handout that explains the basics of a particular grammatical structure. I recently created this one for the simple present tense for my class. I’m planning to do some activities this week on the simple present, and I want them to have this handy if they forget a particular structure.  Continue reading

Becoming Multilingual: Study Strategies for the Language Learner

Becoming Multilingual: Study Strategies for the Language Learner

Learning another language has many benefits. Some researchers have discovered that being bilingual/multilingual is good for your brain; people who speak more than one language get dementia later in life than monolingual people (Muñoz). It is also good for your wallet because being bilingual can help you get a better paying job. Some other benefits of learning another language include making new friends, connecting with your community,  and easily traveling to other places.

Even though there are many benefits, the question many people have is how? Learning another language can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. This article tells about some great strategies to help you learn another language.   Continue reading

English Verb Tenses and Aspects Handout

English Verb Tenses and AVerbs are key to clear sentences, but they’re also something that students struggle with a lot. So, in preparation for my spring classes, I created this handout for my students. It breaks English verbs down by tense and aspect and then gives examples for each. It’s a handout students can keep with them for reference, and it’s also something you can use for activities in class.

Continue reading

The Sunday Review is Back

1Over the summer my fiancé and I traveled to West Africa to visit his native country of Ghana and his family. We had a great visit and spent some time in four different countries: Morocco, The Gambia, Senegal, and Ghana. During the trip, I heard many different languages, which got me thinking about languages in general and the process of learning another language. Every language is unique, beautiful, and intricate. Learning another one gives you new windows to view the world through. Continue reading

The Sunday Review

English Writing Exercise

What is The Sunday Review?

When it comes to learning a language, there is no magic pill you can swallow and instantly speak perfectly. It takes time, dedication, and lots of practice. This week, TESOL Planner is releasing the first in a series of grammar practice slide shares to offer English learners the opportunity to study and review on their own. If you’ve ever found yourself asking “How can I improve my English?” then The Sunday Review is a great resource to add to your study routine. Continue reading