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Cities Around the World

Pictures of Cuenca, Ecuador, Antananarivo, Madagascar, Singapore, Singapore, and Villa Las Estrellas, AntarcticaAs a teacher, you can never have enough pictures. This resource consists of 64 pictures from cities around the world. Each picture has the city name and country on it. These pictures can be used to complement lessons on travel, vacations, cities, climate, culture, world geography, architecture, and more.

>>World Cities PDF<<

Here are some ideas for ways to use these pictures.

  1. Apples to Apples: This is a great way to practice vacation vocabulary. Put students in groups of 5-6 and give each student 4-5 city cards. Next, students take turns describing their dream vacation. Ask them not to tell a specific location, but they can describe the climate they like, the food they want to eat, and the types of things they would like to do on their vacation. Then, all of the other group members will select the best city to match and put it down. The person who described the dream vacation will then select the city he/she would want to visit the most for vacation. The person who put that city down gets a point.
  2. Travel Agent:  Each student will be given a city card. For homework, ask each student to do some research on the city and come to class ready to try and convince his/her classmates to visit that city. Each student will be given a few minutes to present information about the city to the class and try and sell it as the best place to visit. After everyone presents, then each person will vote for their top two cities to visit. The city with the most votes wins.
  3. Comparisons: Give two or three city cards to pairs of students and ask them to write sentences comparing the cities. Tell them they can use their phones to search for information such as size, population, climate, location, etc.
  4. Community Building Sorting: You can use these cards for a community building activity at the beginning of the semester to get students talking and working together.  Put students into groups of 4-5. Give them a stack of 10-12 cities. Tell them to sort them into 3 – 4 categories. Don’t give them any more directions. They will have to discuss together and decide how to sort them. They will also need to share the things they know about each place. They can use their phones to Google cities they don’t know about. Examples of categories they might come up with could be geographic location, language, climate, continent, etc. After they are finished, ask them to share what categories they created and which cities they put into each category and why. If you can print the same cities for each group, then everyone can see the different ways people sorted them they same cities.


Pictures of Los Angeles, United States, Bangkok, Thailand, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina



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