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Color Cards Discussion

four-colorsThis is a great activity that can be adapted for many different discussions. Whether it’s a discussion about a book students are reading in class or a first-week community building activity, these cards are great. Students get half of the questions in advance, so they can think about what they will say. As the discussion progresses, a grid of questions forms on the table. Below is the link to download the Word document, directions, and a preview.

CLICK HERE to download the file

  1. Put students into groups of 3-4.
  2. Print a set of cards for each group.
  3. Explain the rules to students:
    1. deal each person in the group cards
    2. let students take a couple minutes to read over their questions.
    3. Next, one student starts by placing a card on the table and answering the question.
    4. The next student places a card on the table by connecting it to the card on the table by matching the color that touches the card on the table (or a side of the card if it is the multicolored card).
    5. The second student answers the card he/she placed and the card it touches.
    6. The third person places a card by adding to the cards. This person answers the card he/she placed and the card it touches.
    7. And so on



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