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Comparison Photos

Comparisons If you haven’t yet heard of Canva.com, you should definitely check it out. It makes the creation of nicely formatted picture resources incredibly easy. You can also make endless flyers, posts, etc. that have beautiful designs and elements.  Two other great websites that go wonderfully with the idea of pictures is www.pexels.com and https://pixabay.com/. These two websites offer free stock photos. Not only are the stock photos free, but they come with a CC0 License that gives you complete rights to use the images for anything you could ever need them for. I used the above-mentioned websites to make these 26 pages of comparison photos. 

Each page has four different photos of the same type of thing or category. The categories include: bedrooms, cakes, gardens, women, men, children, dogs, animals, babies, ships, cities, food, shoes, hot drinks, weather, flowers, trees, mountains, markets, sports, insects, toys, and desks. This is a great resource to print in color and then either get laminated or put into plastic sleeves because it can be used for a lot of different things.  Below are some ideas I have about different ways to use these pages. Please let me know in the comments below what ideas you have for using this in your classroom.

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  1. Comparisons: the most obvious use would simply be to have students practice comparing the different pictures on each page.
  2. The Story Behind: You could put students into small groups and have them write the story behind each item on the page they’re given. How are the stories different?
  3. Advertisements: You could have small groups write advertisements to sell the objects in each picture. How are the advertisements different for each item? Why?


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