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Conversation Class: Art Vocabulary and Discussion Slides

Art Discussion SlideI taught a conversation class a few semesters ago. I used slides for each of the topics because I found that the visual support helped students as they navigated conversations using new vocabulary and structures. It was also a free and easy way to bring vibrant photos into the class to help spark discussion on the topic. The material I’m sharing here is from a week we did on art. We had a great time learning vocabulary and talking about art. It was one of my favorite topics. If you’re leading a conversation class or conversation hour, this just might be your next topic. 

These slides include among other things discussion questions, vocabulary introduction using pictures, phrases for reacting to art, and an activity where students discuss their thoughts about a particular work of art. The slides will seamlessly walk you through activities to get students talking about art. All you’ll need is a computer with internet access, projector, and the link below. You can modify the slides by signing in to your Google account and clicking “make a copy” under the “file” tab.


Sample Slides 

Sample Vocabulary Word

Architecture ESL Vocabulary

ESL Art Vocabulary Sculpture

Sample Discussion Questions

ESL Discussion Question for Art

ESL Art Discussion Question

Sample Activity

ESL Art Discussion Activity


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  1. Love the pictures, and such an awesome way to keep people interacting and get their attention… you rock Jessica 😉❤.


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