Conversation Class: Wonders of the World Slides

Wonders of the World ESL Lesson Plan In my last post, I shared conversation class material on the theme of travel and survival. In this post, you can access materials for a conversation class centered around world wonders. This topic is always fun because it’s perfect for an activity that asks students to share information about some significant place in their own country.


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This slide lesson starts with a series of discussion questions related to world wonders. Each question is on a separate slide and includes a picture.

World Wonders ESL Discussion Question

Next, there is a series of slides that highlight common world wonders and gives some information about them. There are also a few slides that ask them to guess about the name and location of a wonder based on a picture of it.

Wonders of the world: Christ the Redeemer, Machu Picchu, and Petra

Then, students will engage in a world wonder bingo activity that will get them to talk to their classmates and exchange information about different world wonders. I usually keep going with this activity after someone gets a bingo.  

World Wonder Bingo Card
The next activity is done in groups. Students will work together to create a travel itinerary for a three-week vacation that you the teacher will take. I tell them a little bit about my likes and dislikes regarding travel. I give each group a poster paper and pens to outline their itinerary on. Once completed, then each group will present their itinerary. I will then pick which one I want to go on. 

Finally, students will share about a wonder from their own country. This activity is great because it gives students a chance to share about their own country and culture. It’s fun because everyone will learn something new.

I completed these activities in two one-hour class periods. My class and I had a great time talking and sharing about different beautiful places in our world.



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