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Demonstrative Pronoun Slides

demonstrative-pronounsTESOL Planner is happy to introduce the first of many in a series of classroom slides. In my classes, I use slides as my lesson plans. They keep me on task and help me flow through activities smoothly. They also provide visuals for students throughout the lesson and allow students the ability to review the lesson at home if they need more practice. I personally like Google Slides because they are online, and I can easily link them to the course Canvas site for students to easily access.

These slides introduce and practice the demonstrative pronouns this, these, that, and those. The slides go over statements and questions and include practice activities for the students to do. You can use TESOL PLanner´s copy, or you can make your own copy under the file tab, so you can modify the slide to fit your class.

CLICK HERE to access the slides. 



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