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Teaching Writing 

I'm sure that anyone whose job is to teach writing has had the experience of reading that one paper; the one that leaves you scratching your head and rereading sentence. Learning how to write isn't always easy for students. They often struggle with organizing and connecting their ideas in writing. I can speak from experience that as a writing teacher, we focus a lot of effort on helping students organize their thoughts, make outlines, and order their paragraphs.

One thing that is also important for students to learn is being able to connect their ideas from one sentence to the next. In academic writing, we talk about this as linking ideas or  using old to new information patterns. Helping students see these patterns can give them the tools to use in their own writing to help them better connect their ideas.

This Document 

I recently made this document to help my students practice connecting ideas in their writing. I used it in my class after we reviewed and talked about using old to new information patterns. To set up this activity, print it, cut each section apart, and then have students work together in groups to put the paragraph back in order. I also asked them to identify which ideas are linking the sentences together. I had my students glue the paragraph to a larger paper and identify the connections between the sentences. You can see an example from my class below.

Organizing Writing Activity


I hope this activity helps you in your task of teaching writing to your students. If you found this document helpful, please share it.

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