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Error Pattern Log

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I use this error log with my students to help them track the types of mistakes they’re making most. I also use correction symbols when gradings. After I grade something, I’ll read through it and take note to see what symbols popped up the most. If I see a pattern, I’ll write a note on the top of the assignment for a student to review a particular type of mistake. This will also indicate to the student to add some check marks to this error log.

The link on the error log takes students to a long list of sentences with errors that my students have made along with corrections for those mistakes. This is the first step in helping students to notice and fix their mistakes.

What I like about this log is that it will indicate to students if they have persistent errors they haven’t been able to eliminate on their own by reviewing the error. It shows them the next step to take in order to follow up on fixing this mistake: talking to the teacher and visiting a tutor.

Personal Error Log Download 


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