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Personality Adjectives

Personality Adjectives
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This resource consists of 52 personality adjectives on cards. Each card includes the word, an image, and a definition. I made them to add to my picture bank. I haven't used them yet, but here are some ideas I have for them. If you download them. Leave a comment below with some ideas you have for how they could be used.


  1. Character Analysis: Give groups of students copies of these cards and have them select which cards they think fit certain characters in the book your class is reading.
  2. First day warmer: Put the cards down face up on a table and ask students to select one or two cards that describe their personality. Have them share the cards they chose and why.
  3. Vocabulary building: Put students into small groups. Give each group a few cards to practice. Have them write a sentence for each word.
  4. Vocabulary building: Put students into small groups. Give each group 4-5 cards at random and ask them to create a character based on the personality traits and then write a profile for a dating website.

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