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This activity gets students to work in groups and accomplishes two tasks. One is to think more deeply about a theme or a reading you're doing in class. The other is to work together to write different types of questions in English. The handout puts students into problem solving mode and really requires them to work together to be able to write questions.

The document has the same concept with two different directions, so you can print the pages that work for what you want to do. Pages one and two ask students to write questions about a reading or theme you're working on in class. Pages three and four ask students to imagine they had the opportunity to meet the author of a book you're reading in class and then write questions to that person. Both activities have gone well in my class.

Depending on your level, you may find you want to modify the handout. For example, in my lower level class, I didn't use the modal verbs on the second page, but I did in my higher class.

When I use this activity, I put my students into group and tell them to work together to figure out how to write each type of question. I tell them they can use their phones, any handouts we've gone over, or the grammar resource book for our class. Instead of me reviewing how to write every type of question, they get to engage their own minds to figure it out. As they work on it, I walk around and provide feedback and explain any mistakes they're making.

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