About this Handout

Why Talking Charts?

Using a talking chart is a great way to help guide conversations in your class. I've found that when students have a paper to complete as evidence of their conversations, they tend to be more willing to engage. It also encourages participation from everyone because nobody can sit quietly hoping someone else will answer. This activity will also get your students to do some writing as well; you can collect the talking chart and provide feedback about grammar and other sentence-level issues.


How to Use This in Your Class

  • -Print enough charts for each of your students.
  • -Pass them out and go over the directions and questions to make sure everyone understands.
  • -Give students a specific time limit and ask students to interview as many people as they can within this limit.
  • -After students complete the handout, you could debrief as a whole class. Ask students to share things they learned about others in the class.

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