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I recently made this handout for students to help them improve their own sentence clarity. We had already gone over simple, compound, complex, and compound/complex sentences in my class. I wanted my students to practice this more because I think that being able to identify the important parts of sentences can help them write clearer and more accurate sentences.

This packet is a group activity that takes students through several different tasks that require them to analyze sentences in different ways. It took my classes about an hour to work through. I really liked to see how engaged my students were while working on this, and I had several students tell me they really enjoyed working on it. The thing I like about these types of group activities is that they get students working together, problem solving together, and actively engaging in the learning process.  While they worked on it, I walked around and checked in, providing feedback and mini explanations as needed.

Once you have students practice this, you can have your students apply it to their own writing. For example, I've asked students to look at their own writing and identify the subjects and verbs in one of their own paragraphs.

Part of this handout goes over prepositional phrases, so you might also check out this handout on prepositional phrases. 

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