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This is a great packet to use with your class to develop their knowledge and skills with English adjectives. Students will work in groups to move through a series of activities to learn and practice adjectives. The last two activities ask them to dig into the class book and apply this knowledge to what they've been reading. In my class, I spread it over a couple of class periods.



Below you can see the directions to the different sections of this document, so you can see what it includes.

→ Work with your partners to read the following paragraph. Underline all of the adjectives. There are 21.

→ Review a couple of the ways we can use adjectives. 

This page has a couple of graphics that students study to see how adjectives are used with linking verbs and before adjectives. There's also a chart that explains the order of adjectives in English.

Adjective with Linking Verb

→ Adjectives are words that can tell more information about something. They can tell lots of different types of information. Work with your partners. Do you know what the adjectives below mean? Take notes next to the words that are new to you.  

On this page, students see a chart with example adjectives from the following categories. They review and talk about the adjectives in their group and take notes on any that are new to them.


  • Positive feelings
  • Negative feelings
  • Positive personality traits
  • Negative personality traits
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Relationships
  • Temperature
  • Climate
  • Safety
  • Taste

→ Think of some adjectives that you can use to describe your life. Add them to the chart below in the correct categories and then tell your partners about them. 

→ Work with your partners. Look through our book and find adjectives. Copy them below into the following charts. 

Students work together to scan through the class text and hunt for examples of adjectives. They then put them into one of two charts. One for adjectives used with linking verbs and one for adjectives before nouns.

→ Look at the adjectives above. How are they used? What do they mean? How do they add detail to the story we’re reading? Talk with your group. 

→ What are some adjectives you can use to describe this character or scene? 

Each group is assigned a character or scene from the book. There is a space for them to brainstorm adjectives that can be used to describe it.

→ Work with your partners to write a description of your assigned character or scene. Imagine that you are going to describe it to someone who has never read the book. Write as much detail and description as you can. Your group will present this to the class.

Finally, there is a space on the handout for the group to work together to write a description of their assigned character or scene.

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