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Deep Thinking

This WH questions worksheet gets students working together to dig into a topic or reading. At the same time, they will also be practicing forming accurate questions in English. It forces them to move beyond yes/no questions and create more thoughtful WH questions about topic.

How I used It

  1. Put students into groups of 3-4.
  2. Pass out the handout to each student and direct them to work together to write 3-4 thought-provoking questions about a topic you're working on in class. I had my students write questions about the chapters of our class book they had read for homework.
  3. As students write their questions, walk around and check them. Read the questions and provide feedback on the grammar mistakes, so they can correct them during this first step of the activity.
  4. Next, tell everyone to get up, take their charts, and talk to at least 4 people from other groups. Direct them to discuss the WH questions they had written. Furthermore, tell them to add any of their classmates' questions that are a different type than the ones they already have to their chart This way they're collecting more examples of questions.
  5. After they walk around and discuss the questions with their classmates, have them return to their original groups.
  6. Once back in their groups, you could ask the students to discuss the most thought-provoking questions they found from the other groups.
  7. As homework, you could ask each student to select one question from their grid and write a response to.

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