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English Verb Tenses and Aspects Handout

English Verb Tenses and AVerbs are key to clear sentences, but they’re also something that students struggle with a lot. So, in preparation for my spring classes, I created this handout for my students. It breaks English verbs down by tense and aspect and then gives examples for each. It’s a handout students can keep with them for reference, and it’s also something you can use for activities in class.

I always find condensed reference handouts helpful for students. They can use them when they’re working on projects and compositions.  I copy them on colored paper, so they’re easier for students to keep track of. I haven’t used it in class yet, but below are some ways I may try to use this handout in my class. I’d love to hear your ideas as well.

>>Click Here to Access the Verb Handout<<

  1. Verb Tense Identification: Give students a text and ask them to identify all of the verb tenses and aspects in it and then analyze the meaning of the different verbs.
  2. Verb Tense Comparisons: Use the example sentences to ask students to analyze the difference in meaning between verb tenses you’re working on.

Handout Preview

English Verb Tenses and A

Verb Tense and Aspect in English


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