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Fashion Photos

Fashion PhotosThis photo bank builder contains 116 unique pictures of people wearing a variety of different things. If you’re working on clothing vocabulary in your class, the possibilities are endless for the ways you could use these pictures with your students.

Ideas for using this resource 

  1. Categories: Give students a stack of cards and ask them to sort them into categories based on what people are wearing in the pictures. After students sort the pictures, ask them what categories they came up with.
  2. Apples to Apples: Create a list of occasion cards such as “Going to a wedding,” “attending a funeral,” etc. Put students into groups of 4-5. Give each student 4-5 cards and leave a new stack with each group. Have each group play a version of Apples to Apples. One student will select an occasion card and show it to the group. Next, each person chooses the best outfit for that occasion from their hand and puts it on the table and describes the outfit by saying “I’d wear …(describes what’s being worn in the picture)… to a wedding.” Once everyone has described the best outfit, the person who drew the occasion card has to select what they think is the best outfit. Whoever put down that outfit gets to keep the occasion card as a point. Everyone draws a new picture from the stack, so they have 4 cards still. Next, a new person draws a new occasion card and the cycle repeats.
  3. Descriptions: Give each student a picture. Ask them to describe the outfit to several other classmates.
  4. Comparisons: Give a pair of students two photos. Ask them to compare the outfits. Next, ask them to write a list of the occasions where you could wear each outfit.


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