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First Week of Class Community Building Lesson Plan

Here we are already with another semester starting. I made these slides for my intermediate integrated skills course for this first week. They lead the class through all of the big first week tasks: building community, talking about course policies, learning names, etc. The slides also contain links to all handouts that you will need. So, if you spent the break relaxing and not thinking about class but are now finding yourself asking what you’re going to do this first week, try some or all of these activities.  

Among other things, the slides include material from the first 8 pages of a  Community Building unit I created for the first few weeks of class. Before you click present, you can also note directions and links to other handouts and resources in the speaker note section at the bottom of the screen. So, with the exception of your own unique syllabus, these slides have everything you need to get your class connected and going.

>Click to access the Slides<< 

>>Click to access the Community Building unit that has many of the handouts<<


Example Slide 

Class Roster activity for first day of class


Example Activity 

Crossword Connection Activity

Speaker notes

Lesson Plan Slides with notes


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