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Five Introduction Icebreakers

By Jessica Aggrey

IcebreakersHaving students introduce themselves and learn a bit about each other is a first day of class staple. Of course, there are many different ways this can be done. This post shares a few of my favorites that I’ve heard about throughout the years.


The String Game


 This game is a great way to get students to talk about themselves. It also adds a bit of humor and anticipation to the class which never hurts. To prepare for this activity cut strips of string at different lengths, some long and some short. Hold the strings so the students can’t see how long they are. Tell them that they will talk about themselves while they wrap the string around one of their fingers. The longer the string, the longer they will need to talk. Next, have each student pull out one string. Everyone usually enjoys this part as they wait with anticipation as each person pulls out a string. Once everyone has a string, have each person introduce themselves to the class.  

Crossword Connections

crossword warmer

This activity includes a visual symbol of connection along with interesting information about each person. Start by writing your name on the board in big, clear letters. Then tell the class something interesting about yourself. Next, ask for a volunteer to come and write their name intersected with your name on the board in crossword fashion and then tell an interesting fact about themself. Continue this until the whole class has gone. I like to take a picture of our class’s name crossword to put on our LMS for the semester.


Candy Introductions


This one is fun, and people get to eat candy. What more could you ask for? Put candy on the table and tell students to take some but not to eat it yet. Later, tell each student to tell the class one thing about themself for each piece of candy they took. 


Sticky Note Introduction


This is a great way to have students do partner introductions because it provides them with a note they can use if they get nervous or forget details about their conversation.

  • Start by giving everyone a sticky note and asking them to write down one interesting fact about themselves that others may not know. Let them know that they will be sharing the fact with the class.  
  • Next, ask each person to stand up and walk around and find someone who they haven’t talked to yet.
  • Ask them to exchange sticky notes and then have a conversation and share the interesting fact and some basic information such as name, major, native language, etc.
  • Tell them to jot down notes on the blank side of the sticky note because they will be introducing their partner to the class.

Superhero Introductions

superhero icebreaker

 This is a fun way to help the class relax and be a bit silly.

  • Start by asking everyone to think for a bit about what their superpower would be if they could have one.
  • Next, have each student partner up and mime to their partner what their superpower is. Tell them not to speak.
  • Once each person has guessed the superpower, have them both decide on superhero names for each other based on their superpower.
  • have them talk for a few minutes to learn a little bit about the other person. Tell them they can take notes because they will be introducing their classmates to the whole class.
  • Finally, have each student introduce their classmate by first stating their superhero name, their power, and then some real facts about them. 

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