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Helpful Websites

Copy of 50px × 50px – Untitled Design  Dictionaries and Vocabulary

Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary 

This is a great dictionary with easy to understand definitions.

Word Families 

You can use this website to find different word forms for a root word.


This is a clickable dictionary. You can read a website in English and then click any word to see a definition or a translation.


Look up a word to find other similar words.

Collocation Dictionary 

Use this dictionary to find words that commonly go together with the word you search.

Example Sentences 

Use this website to read example sentences for the words you’re learning.


Copy of 50px × 50px – Untitled Design  Reading


Sign up for a free account at this website and you can read endless news articles. You can change the difficulty level for each article, and there are questions and activities for each article.

Read Print 

At this website, you can find tons of free books to read.

ESL Bits

Find free books to read, short stories, audiobooks, and more.


Copy of 50px × 50px – Untitled Design  Listening

TED Talks 

Watching TED Talks is a great way to practice English listening skills and vocabulary.

News In Levels 

 This website has current news stories that you can listen to at three different levels of difficulty.

Listening Lab

Access tons of listening clips at different levels. Answer questions and check your score.


You can go to this website or download the app on your phone. With Librivox, you can access hundreds of free audiobooks.


Copy of 50px × 50px – Untitled Design  Study and Practice


This site is great for connecting with other language learners. You can chat with people. You can also post journal entries and other people will correct them. 

Study Blue 

Create flashcards of vocabulary words you’re learning and study them on your phone when you have time.



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