House Vocabulary Team Race

House VocabularySome activities you do just once, others you save and do semester after semester. This house vocabulary activity is one such teaching resource.  I first used this activity in a beginning integrated skills course, and my students loved it. Each subsequent time I’ve used it, I’ve had positive reactions from my students. It blends vocabulary, exercise, and competition to create a great activity to throw in and revitalize the class.


Household Furniture Jigsaw

Household Furniture Team Sheet

  1. Print a couple copies of the household furniture jigsaw. The file is 11×17, so if you have access to print in this size, it’s best. Once you print it, you can keep it for future use, so I’d suggest printing it large and in color if possible.
  2. Print a team sheet for each group of students.
  3. Pass out the team sheets to each group. (Optionally have them tape the sheet to their desk or table to emphasize that the sheet cannot move).
  4. Tape the furniture jigsaw sheets on each side of the room in a place where no team will be able to simply look and copy. It should require them to move to its location, memorize, and move back to the group sheet.
  5. Explain to students that each team will work to complete their team sheet first with the correct vocabulary word in the correct order and spelled correctly. Tell them they can’t use their phones or notepaper to take notes. They must memorize the word and spelling and then come back and write it down.
  6. You can decide if you want all team members run at the same time, or if you’d rather have them tag team.
  7. When a group finishes, check their list and let them know the specific number of an item they should go recheck.

House Vocabulary

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