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Irregular Verbs

Irregular Verb Chart

Base Form Past Form Past Participle Present Participle
arise arose arisen arising
awake awoke awoken awakening
be was/were been being
bear bore born bearing
beat beat beaten beating
become became become becoming
begin began begun beginning
behold beheld beheld beholding
bend bent bent bending
bet bet bet betting
bid bade bidden bidding
bind bound bound binding
bite bit bitten biting
bleed bled bled bleeding
blow blew blown blowing
break broke broken breaking
breed bred bred breeding
bring brought brought bringing
broadcast broadcast/ broadcasted broadcast/ broadcasted broadcasting
build built built building
burn burnt/burned burnt/burned burning
burst burst burst bursting
buy bought bought buying
cast cast cast casting
catch caught caught catching
choose chose chosen choosing
clap clapped/clapt clapped/clapt clapping
cling clung clung clinging
clothe clad/clothed clad/clothed clothing
come came come coming
cost cost cost costing
creep crept crept creeping
cut cut cut cutting
deal dealt dealt dealing
dig dug dug digging
dive dived/dove dived diving
do did done doing
draw drew drawn drawing
dream dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed dreaming
drink drank drunk drinking
drive drove driven driving
dwell dwelt dwelt dwelling
eat ate eaten eating
fall fell fallen falling
feed fed fed feeding
feel felt felt feeling
fight fought fought fighting
find found found finding
fit fit/fitted fit/fitted fitting
flee fled fled fleeing
fling flung flung flinging
fly flew flown flying
forbid forbade/forbad forbidden forbidding
forecast forecast/forecasted forecast/forecasted forecasting
foresee foresaw foreseen foreseeing
foretell foretold foretold foretelling
forget forgot forgotten forgetting
forgive forgave forgiven forgiving
forsake forsook forsaken forsaking
freeze froze frozen freezing
frostbite frostbit frostbitten frostbiting
get got got/gotten getting
give gave given giving
go went gone going
grind ground ground grinding
grow grew grown growing
handwrite handwrote handwritten handwriting
hang hung/hanged hung/hanged hanging
have had had having
hear heard heard hearing
hide hid hidden hiding
hit hit hit hitting
hold held held holding
hurt hurt hurt hurting
inlay inlaid inlaid inlaying
input input/inputted input/inputted inputting
interlay interlaid interlaid interlaying
keep kept kept keeping
kneel knelt/kneeled knelt/kneeled kneeling
knit knit/knitted knit/knitted knitting
know knew known knowing
lay laid laid laying
lead led led leading
lean leant/leaned leant/leaned leaning
leap leaped/leapt leaped/leapt leaping
learn learned / learnt learned / learnt learning
leave left left leaving
lend lent lent lending
let let let letting
lie lay lain lying
light lit lit lighting
lose lost lost losing
make made made making
mean meant meant meaning
mislead misled misled misleading
mistake mistook mistaken mistaking
misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood misunderstanding
mow mowed mown mowing
overdraw overdrew overdrawn overdrawing
overhear overheard overheard overhearing
overtake overtook overtaken overtaking
pay paid paid paying
prove proved proven/proved proving
put put put putting
quit quit quit quitting
read read read reading
rid rid/ridded rid/ridded ridding
ring rang rung ringing
rise rose risen rising
run ran run running
saw sawed sawn/sawed sawing
say said said saying
see saw seen seeing
seek sought sought seeking
sell sold sold selling
send sent sent sending
set set set setting
sew sewed sewn/sewed sewing
shake shook shaken shaking
shave shaved shaven/shaved shaving
shear shore/sheared shorn/sheared shearing
shed shed shed shedding
shine shone shone shining
shoe shod shod shoeing
shoot shot shot shooting
show showed shown showing
shrink shrank shrunk shrinking
shut shut shut shutting
sing sang sung singing
sink sank sunk sinking
sit sat sat sitting
slay slew slain slaying
sleep slept slept sleeping
slide slid slid/slidden sliding
sling slung slung slinging
slink slunk slunk slinking
slit slit slit slitting
smelt smelt/smelled smelt/smelled smelling
sneak sneaked/snuck sneaked/snuck sneaking
sow sowed sown sowing
speak spoke spoken speaking
speed sped/speeded sped/speeded speeding
spell spelt/spelled spelt/spelled spelling
spend spent spent spending
spill spilt/spilled spilt/spilled spilling
spin spun spun spinning
spit spat/spit spat/spit spitting
split split split splitting
spoil spoilt/spoiled spoilt/spoiled spoiling
spread spread spread spreading
spring sprang sprung springing
stand stood stood standing
steal stole stolen stealing
stick stuck stuck sticking
sting stung stung stinging
stride strode/strided stridden striding
strike struck struck/stricken striking
string strung strung stringing
strive strove striven striving
sunburn sunburnt/sunburned sunburnt/sunburned sunburning
swear swore sworn swearing
sweat sweat/sweated sweat/sweated sweating
sweep swept swept sweeping
swing swung swung swinging
take took taken taking
teach taught taught teaching
tear tore torn tearing
tell told told telling
think thought thought thinking
thrive thrived/throve thrived/thriven thriving
throw threw thrown throwing
thrust thrust thrust thrusting
tread trod trodden treading
undergo underwent undergone undergoing
understand understand understood understanding
undertake undertook undertaken undertaking
upset upset upset upsetting
vex vex/vexed vex/vexed vexing
wake woke woken waking
wed wed/wedded wed/wedded wedding
weep wept wept weeping
wend wended/went wended/went wending
wet wet/wetted wet/wetted wetting
win won won winning
wind wound wound winding
withdraw withdrew withdrawn withdrawing
withhold withheld withheld withholding
withstand withstood withstood withstanding
wring wrung wrung wringing
write wrote written writing

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