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LMS Homepage Buttons

By Jessica Aggrey

For many people, the start of the fall semester is quickly approaching. I imagine that many of us have a long to-do list that we’re either feverishly working on or stealthfully avoiding. I’m somewhere in between avoidance and productivity. Wherever you may be, this resource might just come in handy.

I managed to get one thing off my list today which was to set up my Canvas (LMS) site for my class. I decided to create a static front page with navigation buttons to help students navigate the platform. I wanted it to look engaging, welcoming, and organized, so I created some square tiles using Canva. If you haven’t used Canva before, you should definitely check it out at

It seems like a lot of newer websites use tiles to organize their websites, so many students are familiar with them already. After I got it set up, I thought I should share them here as well, so I created a few extra to give you some more to choose from We’ll all probably want different things on our front page. Please feel free to download as use these tiles (right click and then save image as…).

For those who may want the ability to modify these buttons, I created a product in the store, so you can get the template on Canva and edit the color, font, and image.  You can also create other categories as well. 


LMS Buttons: Click to Expand 

Check out an example

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