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Making Inferences

By Jessica Aggrey

It’s taken me a while to come up with a solid routine to teach inferences. This lesson plan is the culmination of several semesters worth of practice. The lesson includes a slideshow that uses a visual example to help students practice the difference between random guesses and inference.

Random Guesses


After introducing the idea of inferences and doing a couple practice activities, students work together in groups to complete the group practice handout that requires the use of inference to answer questions about a reading the students have been working on in class.

>>Click Here to access the slides show<< 

>>Click Here to access the group practice handout<< 

The handout has questions for a short story called “The Meeting.” If you’re interested in accessing and using the story, TESOL Planner has a unit created around it. You could also save your own copy of the handout and change the reading and questions to reflect what you’re doing in class.

Group Inference Practice 

Making inference group practice

How do you teach inferences? Share your ideas in the comment section below.


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