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Money and Shopping: For Sale Cards

For Sale Cards In a teacher’s dreamland, we have boxes of realia at our fingertips ready to pull out and use – baskets of fake fruit, wardrobes full of fashionable clothes, and fluffy kittens ready to be picked up and played with. In reality, although we may have some of these, we’re limited with the objects we can bring in to use for activities, especially for those of us who teach at multiple schools and would need to lug it all around.  This stack of cards offers a compact alternative to realia if you want to do any sort of buy and sell purchasing activity. 

This deck of cards contains 81 different cards, each with a picture of an item and a price. There are cards of food, buildings, cars, and animals. The uses for these cards are certainly vast.  I plan to use them for a buy and sell role play to practice “How much does it/do they cost?” Let me know your ideas for using these cards by leaving a comment below.

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