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Successful Language Learners: Complete Unit


Start the semester right with this unit to help your students build their language learning strategies and skills.

~Intermediate-advanced level

~19-page student unit for how to be a successful language learner

~ Plus bonus community building unit

~33 pages total


A colleague and I got together to create this unit for our classes after it seemed that although many of our students have great intentions and want to learn, they just don’t quite know how to go about it effectively. The goal of the unit is to help learners reflect on what strategies and routines can help them excel at learning.

The unit is based around two main texts. A TED talk by Benny Lewis and an article that features him as well. The texts are not included in the purchase, but links are provided for you to access them as they are both available publicly on the internet. Both are linked below to help you decide if this unit would work for your level. If you find these resources useful but don’t have the time to put a unit together, then this is for you.

The unit starts with Benny’s TED talk and includes activities for before, during, and after watching. Then students will jigsaw the article in groups. The unit also includes a section on goal setting and wraps up with an essay prompt so students can reflect on their own language learning. It’s a great unit to do at the beginning of the semester to help set the tone and get students set up for success. The document also includes a bonus pre-unit with community building activities, making this a great product for the first 2-3 weeks of class.

Upon purchase, you’ll get a PDF as well as the link to the Google Docs version. On the Docs version, you’ll get access to teacher notes, and you can also make a copy in order to modify the unit to fit the specific needs of your class and your style.


Unit Texts 


Access the article “12 Rules for Learning Foreign Language in Record Time” by Tim Ferriss and Benny Lewis. 



Please note that the TED Talk and article are not included in the sale. These are accessed on your own from the links provided.



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