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Redesigning Peer Review

By Daniel Glenn

Do you have conflict or struggle with peer reviews in your course? Check out this post to learn two new strategies that can be adapted to any writing assignment to help prevent disputes and people pleasing.


Writing Tournament

Writing Tournament Competition is a competitive peer review designed to motivate students to write their best essay/writing assignment. Students are assigned to type an essay or short paragraph (level based). They are instructed to only write their student numbers to keep this process completely anonymous. Assignments are collected and redistributed in small groups. This prevents students from getting their own essay. Each group determines which essays are the best and then nominates them with a notation. These essays are rotated to another group. The instructor takes the top essays after the rotation and has students as a class explain why these essays were chosen (prizes optional).

>>Download Essay Tournament Handout<<<


Team Peer Review

The Team Peer Review is a collaborative peer review that pairs up students to work as a team (pairs) to review peer writing. Students submit their writing assignments anonymously (with a student number). Each student will print out two copies of their drafts. They are provided with a guided worksheet with questions to examine, critique, and comment on one part of the writing (e.g. Introduction). Once students are finished, the instructor rotates the essay with the next group working on a new set of drafts. This allows students to receive input from various students while observing several examples.

>>Download Team Peer Review Handout<<<


About this Guest Author:

Daniel Glenn is an ESL instructor at several community colleges in California.


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