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Review Grid

By Jessica Aggrey

This evening at the beginning of class, I wrote a grid on the whiteboard. I asked students to write two sentences about the weekend: one thing they did and one thing they didn’t do. You could change the writing task to fit any topic you’ve covered with your class.

I had everyone get up and write their two sentences in one of the squares. Afterwards, I went over each of the sentences with the class and gave them feedback for how to improve their sentences. I was also able to engaging them with some questions about what they had written. For example, one of my students wrote “I went shopping.” I asked what she had bought. Another student wrote “I went to the movie theater,” so I asked about the movie.

This activity got my students to write and review the past tense, which is something we’re working on in class. Then, it gave me a chance to correct any errors they made while using the new grammar. Finally, we got to have some class discussion when we talked about.

October 16, 2018

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