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Some and Any Grocery Shopping Activity

Some and Any Grocery Shopping ActivityI’m currently in the middle of a unit on food in my beginning ESL course. One of the topics of this unit is using some and any in questions and statements. I created this grocery shopping activity to give students a chance to ask and answer questions using the target grammar.  There is also a hint of competition in the activity, which I find always gets students excited and active. This activity also works to reinforce food vocabulary because students will get food vocabulary cards with pictures on them.  

My students seemed to enjoy the activity, and it got them up and out of their chairs, which is always a perk in a longer class. The grocery lists contain food items that are on the vocabulary cards. “Shoppers” try and be the first to get all five items on their list by asking questions to the “Vendors.” To do this activity, you will need to download the two things below. You can also use the slides to guide you and your students through the grammar and activity.

Food Vocabulary Cards 

Grocery Lists

Optional Slides to introduce the grammar and activity 

  1. Review uses of SOME and ANYYou can use the above slides in class to help introduce the topic.
  2. Divide the class into two groups by counting off students with one and two.
  3. Give 1 students a grocery list from list set 1.
  4. Give the 2 students some food cards. (I just divided the food cards evenly for the number of 2 students I had.
  5.  Tell 2s to hold their foods cards so 1s can’t see them. Next, have the 1s go around and try and find things on their list by asking questions.
    1. Excuse me, do you have any carrots?
      1. Yes, I have some carrots.
      2. I’m sorry, I don’t have any carrots.
  6. If the seller has the food card a shopper is looking for, the seller gives that card to the shopper. The first student to find all five items wins. Each shopping list is different, so they will be able to find the food item. If your class is larger than 24, you will need to print 2 sets of food vocabulary cards and two sets of lists.
  7. Switch roles,  and give the new shoppers a list from list set 2. The 1s will now be sellers and the 2s will be shoppers.


Preview Sample of Handouts

Some and Any Grocery Shopping Activity

Food Vocabulary Cards

June 19, 2018

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