Conversation Class: Wonders of the World Slides

Wonders of the World ESL Lesson Plan In my last post, I shared conversation class material on the theme of travel and survival. In this post, you can access materials for a conversation class centered around world wonders. This topic is always fun because it’s perfect for an activity that asks students to share information about some significant place in their own country. Continue reading

Conversation Class: Art Vocabulary and Discussion Slides

Art Discussion SlideI taught a conversation class a few semesters ago. I used slides for each of the topics because I found that the visual support helped students as they navigated conversations using new vocabulary and structures. It was also a free and easy way to bring vibrant photos into the class to help spark discussion on the topic. The material I’m sharing here is from a week we did on art. We had a great time learning vocabulary and talking about art. It was one of my favorite topics. If you’re leading a conversation class or conversation hour, this just might be your next topic.  Continue reading

Conversation Hour: Stereotypes

stereotypes.JPGThis semester a colleague and I started a cross-cultural conversation hour on campus to provide a space for English learners to practice their conversational skills and for everyone who participates to share and learn different perspectives on the topic of the week. We surveyed to see what topics students were interested in discussing, and the topic of stereotypes was voted as a top choice. We came up with this sequence of activities to give students a chance to think about stereotypes, how they affect us, and what we can do to counter them. Whether you lead a conversation hour or are looking for an activity to do in your class, these activities are relevant and can help give students a chance to share their experiences and learn about the experiences of others.  Continue reading