Book Materials to Improve Comprehension Strategies and Expand English Vocabulary 

I Have a Dream by Margaret DavidsonThe feeling of reading your first book in a new language is truly amazing. I remember after I read my first book in Spanish, I felt such a sense of accomplishment. Words that would have previously been unintelligible shapes on paper had become a whole new world of meaning. It was exciting and very motivating. It also really helped me improve my language skills. Adding a full-length book to your ESL curriculum can be a great way to add authentic and engaging material to your class. Check out this article get all you need to use the book I Have a Dream by Margaret Davidson in your class. I used it in my low intermediate class with adult learners and it went really well.
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ESL Reading Log

Reading Apprenticeship Reading LogIn my intermediate integrated skills course, I’ve started placing more emphasis on the importance of reading because it’s an excellent way to help students improve their fluency, grammar, vocabulary, and more. As someone who has learned a foreign language, I know that although reading in a new language can be motiving and exciting, it can also be challenging and frustrating. A new reading pedagogy that is growing in popularity is Reading Apprenticeship.¬† Continue reading