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The Sunday Review



The Sunday Review is Back

If you are learning English, the Sunday Review is a resource that can help you with this process. After a summer break, the Sunday Review is back for the fall semester with a weekly list of sentences with common mistakes for you to analyze and correct. Plan to take 20 minutes each week to sit down with a cup of coffee and teach your brain to recognize common mistakes in English.

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The Sunday Review #4

As self-study or as a¬†whole class review, these slides can help your students learn to recognize errors in their sentences. Click to go to the review slides.  

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The Sunday Review: #2

Last week, TESOL Planner debuted the first of a weekly grammar review to help learners practice noticing errors. Although it’s designed as a resource for English learners to use, with this week’s issue, we’d like to talk about how it can also be a great resource for teachers.

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