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The Sunday Review: #2

Grammar Practice

Last week, TESOL Planner debuted the first of a weekly grammar review to help learners practice noticing errors. Although it’s designed as a resource for English learners to use, with this week’s issue, we’d like to talk about how it can also be a great resource for teachers.


What is The Sunday Review? The Sunday Review is a weekly grammar review SlideShare that guides learners through the process of error correction to help them get better at noticing and correcting errors. It uses correction symbols and offers brief explanations to learners.

How can I use it in my class? The Sunday Review can be used in class or as homework to give students practice recognizing and fixing errors. One way that I use it is as a game at the begging of class. I divide the class into small groups or pairs and show them the first sentence. The first pair to correctly write the sentence and bring it to me gets a point. After one pair has found the correct answer I flip through the slides to show the rest of the class the correct answer. We then continue with the next sentence, etc. I like doing it this way because the competition aspect gets students engaged. I also notice a lot of dialogue between group members about what the error might be. If you have a competitive group, it can get quite rowdy as groups rush to finish writing and then run to the front of the room to be first in line.

One way you could make this tool more interactive is by having your students submit sentences or paragraphs they write to The Sunday Review for them to potentially be included in future weeks. They can do this by going to and submitting their writing in the form.

How can I find out more? You can access the Sunday Review at 


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