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WH Questions Past Tense Talking Chart

WH Past Tense Talking ChartThis is a great two-part activity that gives English learners a chance to practice question and statement forms in the simple past tense. I used it last night in my beginning adult ESL class, and everyone really seemed to enjoy it. I love using talking charts like this because they give learners at the lower levels something to guide their discussion. They also give me something to walk around and check to make sure everyone is getting the grammar. I can point out errors as students are making them. I can also collect them after the activity if I want to give more detailed feedback to everyone. I use charts like this a lot because it makes the learning process more interactive and helps even the shyer students participate and use English. 

WH Past Tense Talking Chart 

  1. Use this activity after introducing and practicing simple past tense statements and questions.
  2. Pass out a copy of the talking chart to each student.
  3. Direct them to work with the people around them to read the questions and write their own answers to the questions in the first column under each question.
  4. After everyone has written down their answers to each question, direct everyone to stand up and walk around the room asking questions to their classmates.
  5. Tell them to talk to different people for each question and write down their answers.

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WH Past Tense Talking Chart


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